Reading performance by Naomi Bisley & Ana Gzirishvili. Sound by Sam W Harper.
Duration 20 min.
DRIFT at Trust Berin 2019.
‘’All healers are dead, breathe’’
Collaborative piece with Sasha Zakharenko. 2020
• read and written by Ana Gzirishvili
• sound by Alexandra Zakharenko
Telling about a world of Bay, which is between material and immaterial, between now and sometime.
That world that is an ocean surface you dive in and out.
A strange world that we are experiencing now.

‘‘All healers are dead, breathe’’ Reading performance / Installation (watercolor on silk). Performance duration – 20 min.
Group show ‘‘PlusX’’ at Vierte Welt Berlin. 2019.

”Sorrows of dehumanized” Sculpture/Poetry/performance at Siren. Organized by Magdalena Mitterhofer & Artur Chruszcz. Berlin 2016.