*A popped up root on your playground

A nerve on the forehead

A translator in a crevice

Another creature of a language

Melding and transmixing of e,v,e,r,ything, thought bubbles hugging.

The transitory Weeping Mountain airport, a Translator,

a conduit that is not a space yet…that is a creature in forming, a tongue that is disappearing.

A body that is crazing. A bubble with a crack for the leaf.

A mouth that is a scribble.*

Animation / editor / Text / choreography: Ana Gzirishvili

Sound: Aleksandra Zakharenko

Tech / video: Alexander Iezzi

Video: Arnold Trautwein

Costume: Noah Lichtblau

Set assistant: Emilie Palmelund

Invited by Magdalena Mitterhofer, Shade Theret