Debut of the neglected Diva (Sunset)

Video installation – animation, sculpture

screen, leather, fabric, metal. 2021

In a three-minute animation, Diva Debut is singing excerpts 

from the famous Georgian opera Daisi (sunset) by Zakaria Paliashvili, 1923.

Diva is encircled by a disassembled bag sculpture.

She is singing in one of the rooms of the former electrical plant building in Tbilisi.

Installation is part of the Oxygen Biennial 2021. “Rites of Passage”

Curated by Ser Serpas & Keti Shavgulidze.

”You are beaten up and you still want to go out,

You want to go to the cafe..

When you are a Diva, and you don’t have a stage to sing..

When you don’t have a stage to talk, but you have a lot to say” 

A A1