Debut of the neglected Diva (Sunset)

Video installation – animation, sculpture. Screen, leather, fabric, metal. 2021

In a three-minute animation, Diva Debut is singing excerpts from the famous Georgian opera Daisi (Sunset) by Zakaria Paliashvili, 1923.

Diva is encircled by a disassembled bag sculpture.

”Chewing Fat” Kristina Kite Gallery. Curated by Nancy Lupo. 2021-2022

Oxygen Biennial 2021. “Rites of Passage” Curated by Ser Serpas & Keti Shavgulidze.

A A1

Chewing fat
Oxygen Biennial 2021, Rites of Passage

”You are beaten up and you still want to go out, You want to go to the cafe… When you are a Diva, and you don’t have a stage to sing…

When you don’t have a stage to talk, but you have a lot to say”