Life of my ghost
2 channel video installation with a sound. 2019
Music composer: Cammack Lindsey
While new technologies are promising virtual, global micro-contacts and vague opportunities; While younger generations have fear for current and upcoming economic/environmental global catastrophes; While the cities with most opportunities attracting young people are reaching the peaks of gentrification and are expelling us from the center. While social housing and work conditions even in the western world are becoming incompatible.
With the increased feelings of depression, anxiety, non-belonging, loneliness, being constantly delayed and tired, legitimate questions lay in front of us: “Where is a safe place?”. 
Many people, especially young artists or creatives are forced by the creative global world market to move around the world, have good mobility skills and be present in many places at once since the most valuable thing nowadays is the physical presence (especially for an artist). One cannot be present in many places simultaneously, how can this be solved?
Nowadays people are spending lots of time looking at the digital world. Many are finding a refuge and a “safe place in the virtual.
To elaborate on this in her video Ana is referencing Mark Fishers research texts concerning the younger generations inclination towards Hedonism and mental health problems caused by the lack of power to change the circumstances; Mark Fisher calls this state: “Whateverness” This state may be in a non-place, in-between place – Where Bay dwells as well – on the threshold of material/immaterial eternity “In the clouds”.
CGI character Bay and author’s image will be animated on the video projection. They will be having a dialogue referring to the above mentioned in a format of a poetry reading on the sound composition created by Commack Lindsey.
About Bay:
Work process with the CGI character Bay is the artist’s ongoing project and research on the role of digital chimeras in nowadays societies. Bay’s creation is inspired by the NASA funded experiment in the 1960s where scientists tried to teach dolphins to speak. Scientists back then assumed that a creature without hands would have a complete spiritual/holistic experience of the world, as they did not have hands – Humans sinister tool for the material perception and creation of the world. It was expected that speaking Dolphins having a complete nonmaterial world-view would make a great psychiatrist. 
Bay also has no hands. She – a complete vulnerable creature is roaming different places and digital clouds.”