‘’All healers are dead, breathe’’
Collaborative piece with Sasha Zakharenko. 2020
” Meet Me At The Land Scape” (wire, clay, glue, CGI) Collaboration with Emilie Palmelund.
Exhibition ”Future Capsule” curated by Little Virgil. 2020
”Life of my ghost” 2 channel video installation.
Exhibition Post.Digital.Dreams at Arts and Innovations Hub Tbilisi. curated by In-between conditions. 2019
A strange world is afoot here already
(Sculpture installation / Readymade object / Textile / Acrylic color) A group show curated by Ana Chaduneli, Ana Jikia.
Stamba D block, Tbilisi 2019

Interview for TAZ
together with the review of the exhibition “Grüße aus Georgien” curated by Sophia Tabatadze. 2019
Text by Sophie Jung.

Installation of the musical film  ‘‘Where is Rosa’’.
Exhibition ‘‘Fakten Träumen, Dreaming facts’’ 
Curated by Hanns Lennart Wiesner.
Galerie Weisser Elefant. Berlin. 2019

CGI animation ‘‘Spy Bay Spy’’ for the Artnight London. 2019



‘‘Bay in the market’’ Contribution to the Biodigitally project for the IMPORTANT magazine. Curated by HERVISIONS. 2019
link: http://itisimportant.com/

Screening of ”Where is Rosa” at the show “Weight of Abundance” curated by Àngels Díaz Miralda Tena. Gallery Zeller van Almsick. Vienna. 2019

‘‘All healers are dead, breathe’’ Reading performance / Installation (watercolor on silk). Performance duration – 20 min.
Group show ‘‘PlusX’’ at Vierte Welt Berlin. 2019
Reading Performance with Naomi Bisley. Duration – 30 min. DRIFT at Trust Berlin. 2019
link: https://www.instagram.com/d.rif.t/
Painting Installation on a frozen lake ‘‘of the dominatrixxx’’ (Watercolor on silk, chain, acrylic on the plastic plate. 3m X 1m) at the show UTTRAN. Stockholm, 2019
Documentation link: http://uttran.org/

Choral Set 2
A reading with Rindon Johnson, Ana Gzirishvili, and Zoe Darsee / Nat Marcus.

Raumerweiterungshalle Berlin. 2018


RRISK Installation at the Group show ‘‘Body / Tech.
Die Technologisierung des Körpers’’ (photo installation of CGI works) at Museum Angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt am Main, 2018

Together with Sara Løve Daðadóttir organizer of the project  ‘‘Art as a tool for social engagement’’. Utopian Union in collaboration with Propaganda Network. Tbilisi. 2018.

IKI – linguistic martial art based on Georgian industrial slang. Lecture/performance (duration 10 min) at Mutterzunge. Babylon. Berlin 2018
Link: http://mutterzunge.org/ 
IKI – linguistic martial art based on Georgian industrial slang. Lecture/performance (duration 10 min). Exhibition ‘‘Welt Ohne Außen’’ at Martin Gropius Bau. Berlin. 2018
Project ‘‘2031’’ Poster with LARP scenario taking place in Stavanger. 
Commissioned by Screen City Biennial. Courtesy of the artists Ana Gzirishvili and Sara Løve Daðadóttir.
Screen City Biennial, Stavanger Norway. 2017
Link: http://2017.screencitybiennial.org/artist/utopian-union/

Verso Blog by Hiji Nam: Riffing on Reality: Hito Steyerl and the Research Center for Proxy Politics, Utopian Union, project ”2031”.


Project ‘‘2031’’ workshop and performance at Kopavogur Art Museum as part of Cycle Art Festival. Courtesy of the artists Ana Gzirishvili, Sara Løve Daðadóttir and Cycle Art Festival. Reykjavik. 2017
Link: http://www.cycle.is/performances-2017-1
Link: http://artzine.is/thriggja-ara-ferdalag-ad-hefjast/

”Sorrows of dehumanized” Singing performance at Siren. organized by Magdalena Mitterhofer & Artur Chruszcz. 2016


The Great Nordic Union, Utopian Union Micro Utopia Workshop. Denmark. 2016


Artist book launch ”Alienation” at Motto Berlin. 2014
Edition of 150

Link: http://www.mottodistribution.com/shop/alienation.html

Artisterium 2012 ‘‘The protest that never ends’’ as a part of ‘‘Discover Eliava’’

”Eliava Terminology Guide” presentation. Tbilisi. 2012