Bay in the market

CGI print series. 2020

Ana Gzirishvili’s series of CGI prints ‘Bay in the market’ presents Bay’s, Ana’s created character, stroll around the Navtlughi bazaar ( Tbilisi). CGI character Bay is part of the artist’s ongoing research devoted to investigating digital and physical spaces and their influence on one another.

Bay does not have hands. At first glance, completely helpless and vulnerable, she wanders through different places and digital clouds. In this work, Bay creates a narrative of merging markets and vulnerability.

Series explores sensing an environment without hands or any traditional physical presence and attributes. There are different levels of consciousness at play in these wanderings through the market. The project explores how much of this is actually felt, perceived, or assumed due to the strange third level existence that acts as a layer of connecting tissue, a chimera made from that in-between space – a nexus substance that alludes to things known and unknown. It is even more foregrounded through the absence or presence of relatable matter.

A poem Bay in the market